Naruto rpg which takes place in the Clan war era. Allowing you to create and fill major roles in a universe where Hashirama and Madara never existed.
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 The legendary Miro Yota

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PostSubject: The legendary Miro Yota   Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:10 am

User: atb
Character Name: miro yota
Bio: swift as lighting, transparent as water. Miro Yota born into the legendary Yota clan at the great port city of Yendys. His father and mother were the head of the clan destined to summon the great leviathan and drench the land in sea. To drown all their enemies. Until his parents were killed in a deadly house fire, leaving the destiny up to him.
Elements: water lightning
Accolades: tried to cook his parents a bday dinner and burned the housedown on them
Jutsu: lightning dragon, water dragon, surf no jutsu, mini-kirin
Personal Weapon: sinep blade
Techniques: sinep slash
Summons: Lizard-Lightning
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The legendary Miro Yota
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