Naruto rpg which takes place in the Clan war era. Allowing you to create and fill major roles in a universe where Hashirama and Madara never existed.
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 A day in the life of Saito Kabushi

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PostSubject: A day in the life of Saito Kabushi   Fri Jul 17, 2015 11:26 pm

Character Name: Saito Kabushi
Bio: Saito Kabushi, formally known as Saito Rotiru, grew up in a small camp of samurai. This Samurai's camp wasn't what you'd call a "normal" camp, for all they wanted was world peace and only trained to protect the one's they loved. Not liking this mindset, Saito still trained under the great leaders of his camp, however he had a passion that they did not. Saito only fought for himself, and wasn't afraid to shed blood. This allowed his to progress even further than the camp leader, and eventually attempted a Coupe. Although he was a great swordsman, he wasn't a match for his whole town. Vowing to one day return, he left his little town in search of power.
Elements: Fire (Strong) and Earth (Mid)
Accolades: Abandoned his clan and started his own in the name of Kabushi. A master Swordsman.
Jutsu: Fire style: Great fire slash!
Personal Weapon: Katana
Techniques: Earth armor. Manipulating chakra into his blade.
Summons: None.
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A day in the life of Saito Kabushi
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