Naruto rpg which takes place in the Clan war era. Allowing you to create and fill major roles in a universe where Hashirama and Madara never existed.
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 Zuiichi Tsume

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PostSubject: Zuiichi Tsume   Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:48 pm

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Character Name: Zuiichi Tsume

Bio: Born into a family of the southern region of what will one day be fire country. Zuiichi was born a prodigy in elemental manipulation. His main affinity being wind, with latent water and lightning chakras. Trained by his brother he developed the ability to manipulate wind without handsigns. However, due to this he never focused on jutsu, opting to using wind force to enhance his movements and his weapons. Just as his clan taught. However at age 16 his brother decided to marry the daughter of a rival clans head. Causing a full out war between the two clans. His father opting to kill his older brother and the girls entire clan rather then be dealt a blow of disrespect. During the ambush however Zuiichi betrayed his father. Teaming with his brother killing the rest of his family. However Zuiichi's brother did not survive. Leaving behind one son, and Zuiichi to wonder the lands as a hired hand.

Elements: Wind (Strong Affinity) Water (Mild Affinity) Lightning (Weak Affinity)

Accolades: Killed his entire clan with help of his now deceased brother. Master of wind manipulation.

Jutsu: Water Release: Crescent hand

Personal Weapon: Tail Wind (broken Katana, only half of the blade.)

Techniques: Pressure Movement (Releasing Wind Chakra to increase and change directions quickly)

Summons: none
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Zuiichi Tsume
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