Naruto rpg which takes place in the Clan war era. Allowing you to create and fill major roles in a universe where Hashirama and Madara never existed.
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 General info

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PostSubject: General info   Wed Jul 08, 2015 5:19 pm

Topic Creation Template

Character Sheet Template

Character rules
1) You are not god, or a jinchuriki, nor do you have the Rinnegan. Powerful Ninja have existed and will here. But no one is invincible.
2) No Cannon character, clans are fine.
3) RP major events for history, or your character ONLY. No small talk, everything needs to work towards character development and plot.
4) A character cannot be involved in multiple posts at once. This is to keep the time line issues to a minimum.
5) Characters jutsus, techniques, fighting styles should have a record kept in the character section of the Forum.

RP General Rules
-Characters must have a character sheet. Which is up to the player to keep updated.
-No Godmodding, but feel free to preform astounding feets.
-Be civil, conflicts should be handled between players. Only having to contact an Admin or mod when things seem unreasonable.
-Follow all Character rules
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General info
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